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On October 25th, Yu Kangzhen, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Wang Zhicai, Director of the Animal Husbandry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zhang Zhongqiu, Director of the Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, and other leaders from the Ministry of Agriculture, Feng Jikang, Director of the Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau, Sui Zhenhua, Director of the Municipal Animal Husbandry Bureau, and Wan Jianzhong, Director of Huangdao District, accompanied by Gao Sishi, Director of Kangda Group, Gao Yanxu, Deputy Manager, and An Fengjun, Manager of the Food Company, arrived at Kangda Rabbit Breeding Research Center. Under the guidance of Manager Li Mingyong, the head of the breeding business unit, we observed the appearance and overall layout of each venue, as well as the artificial insemination laboratory. We also observed the process of semen preparation and testing on site, and gave a detailed report on the overall situation of Kangda Group to the leaders in the meeting room. Through live monitoring equipment, we observed the production situation and rabbit herd situation of the rabbit house in detail, And detailed communication and exchange will be conducted on the cultivation status of Kangda supporting strains and the production status of SPF rabbits, and some technical issues will be discussed. The leaders exchanged views on the long-term development of rabbit industry and related issues in animal husbandry, and highly praised the development of Kangda Rabbit Industry.