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I Standardization of production and strict control of grade quality

Kangda Aibo Company has always adhered to the principle of continuous improvement in development, and is well aware that high-quality animals cannot do without standardized breeding environments and standardized management. From the beginning, the company will base itself on high standards and promote standardized construction. SPF level rabbit breeding workshops, clean level rabbit breeding workshops, ordinary level rabbit breeding workshops, SPF level guinea pig breeding workshops, and rabbit polyclonal antibody immune service production workshops will all implement standardized management, and regional management will be implemented. There will be no overlapping of workers, ensuring the quality of animal grade from the perspective of facility environment and personnel management.

II Scale production and provide rapid industrialization support for customers

The company's production base is located in Zhangjialou Town, located at the northern foot of the Dazhushan River on the west coast of Qingdao. It covers an area of 1000 acres and is far from densely populated residential areas. The original vegetation is dense, forming a natural barrier environment, providing a good natural environment for the growth of experimental rabbits.

The base has an SPF level barrier environment of 4000 square meters, a clean level experimental rabbit barrier environment of 4800 square meters, a regular level experimental rabbit production environment of 45000 square meters, a rabbit antibody immune service breeding workshop of 5000 square meters, and a sheep antibody immune service breeding workshop of 3000 square meters. The research building and supporting facilities cover an area of 3000 square meters.

The large-scale production model not only helps to provide customers with a large number of high-quality and undifferentiated experimental animals, but also provides rapid mass production facilities and animal foundation for antibody production units.

III The experimental rabbit strain is pure and has a clear genetic background

The company has introduced young breeding rabbits with clear genetic backgrounds from the Shanghai Center of the China Rodent Seed Center and the New Zealand Pure Line Seed Farm of the American Rabbit Breeding Association, respectively. They have cultivated their own core group of breeding rabbits through cesarean purification and closed group breeding, thereby ensuring the purity of the population's bloodline.

IV Professional management and technical team

Kangda Group is the largest rabbit breeding enterprise in Asia, the initiator and chairman unit of the Asian Rabbit Industry Association, and successfully hosted the 2015 Global Rabbit Industry Conference. This is the only global rabbit industry conference held in Asia to date, confirming Kangda Rabbit Industry's leadership position in the country and even Asia.

Kangda Biological Company continues the excellent genes of precision farming in the rabbit industry, shares the technical achievements and talent strength of the group's more than 20 years of deep farming in the rabbit industry, and has accumulated a large number of excellent technical talents. The frontline breeding personnel and veterinarians all come from the field of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. After good professional learning, they have strong practical abilities, are hardworking, and have low personnel turnover, providing personnel and technical support for stable breeding.

The company innovates and develops, actively goes global and cooperates with social research units, medical academies, and advanced foreign units, continuously introduces excellent talents, and promotes technological progress and development of the enterprise.

V Strictly control process quality to ensure product quality

The company has developed SOP procedures and related work systems for animal production at SPF, clean, and ordinary levels based on actual production conditions, and has undergone audits by multiple large new drug safety evaluation companies and international antibody companies. The development of SOP procedures is the basis for work and plays a procedural guarantee role in process quality control.

To ensure the quality of SPF grade, clean grade, and ordinary grade experimental rabbits, the company has established a 500 square meter quality monitoring room in accordance with national laboratory standards. Equipped with environmental monitoring equipment and pathogen detection instruments, internal monitoring of the animal facility environment and animal quality is carried out to ensure that animal quality meets standards.

The company submits animal quality standards for inspection every quarter through nationally authorized third-party monitoring institutions in accordance with national regulations, all of which pass national testing.

VI Pay attention to animal welfare and pass international animal welfare audits

From March 13th to 15th, 2018, the 5th China UK International Forum on Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics, co hosted by the Professional Committee of Experimental Animal Welfare Ethics of the Chinese Society of Experimental Animals and the UK Department of the Interior, was held in the West Coast New Area. Kangda Biology, as the only designated visiting enterprise of the International Forum on Experimental Animal Welfare, received unanimous praise from the attendees and took a group photo in front of the company's research building.

As a responsible unit for the production and use of experimental animals, Kangda Biotechnology has always been paying attention to the welfare of experimental animals and ensuring that animal welfare meets international standards through investment in facilities, personnel, feed, and animal welfare supplies. It has also assisted multiple antibody immunization commissioning units in passing animal welfare audits from countries such as the UK, the United States, Japan, and South Korea.