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Qingdao Kangda Aibo's newly expanded 2000 square meter immunization base was officially put into use in 2017. On the basis of the original scale, 8 vertical independent immunization workshops were added, with an annual capacity of 10000 new immunized rabbits!!!
The company is committed to providing high-quality experimental animal products, biological products, and related technical services for life science research. There is an experimental animal production base covering an area of 1000 acres in the West Coast Economic New Area of Qingdao, which can produce 40000 SPF grade experimental rabbits, 20000 SPF grade guinea pigs, 100000 clean grade experimental rabbits, and 1.5 million ordinary grade experimental rabbits annually. We can undertake 100000 immunized rabbits and 1000 immunized sheep annually, and prepare corresponding rabbit and sheep polyclonal antibodies serum. At the same time, we also provide a series of products and services for various sectors of society, including full price pellet feed for experimental animals, disease prevention technology for experimental animals, training for technical personnel, collaborative research and development between experimental animals and animal experiments, and rabbit blood products.