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SPF level experimental rabbit

Product Introduction:

Kangda Aibo is the first private enterprise in China to simultaneously produce SPF grade Japanese and New Zealand white rabbits. The company has a 4000 square meter SPF level experimental rabbit production workshop, with an annual output of 20000 SPF level experimental rabbits.

Kangda Aibo introduced Japanese large eared white rabbit breeds from the National Seed Center, and pure New Zealand rabbits from the American Rabbit Breeding Association. After being purified by cesarean section, they were sent into a barrier environment and cultivated their own core rabbit breeds through closed group pure breeding. At present, the company has a total of 500 SPF level core rabbit breeds, with adult rabbits weighing 3.5-4.5kg. The genetic background is clear, the genetic traits are stable, and the lifespan is one year. To ensure the production of SPF grade experimental rabbits, the company has built a 4000 square meter barrier production and breeding workshop, which can provide a total of 20000 SPF grade New Zealand rabbits and Japanese large ear white rabbits to the market every year.