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Rabbit polyclonal antibody immunization service platform

Product Introduction:

1. High quality experimental animal carriers
2. Standardized breeding environment
3. Scientific breeding management mode
4. Mature technical team
5. Meet international animal welfare standards

Platform Introduction

In 2015, in response to market demand, the company developed a rabbit polyclonal antibody immunization service platform based on the company's high-quality experimental rabbit supply platform, providing rabbit polyclonal antibody immunization processing services nationwide. Once launched, the platform quickly gained market recognition with its advantages of standardization, standardization, and scale, solving the difficulties faced by scientific research manufacturers and antibody production enterprises in animal procurement, breeding, immunization, and blood collection. After four years of accumulation, we have served more than 100 domestic and foreign antibody customers, and the annual number of immunized rabbits exceeds 50000.


Kangda Aibo provides services to the client as a trustee. The client provides antigens, adjuvants, and immunization plans to Kangda Biotechnology. Kangda Biotechnology selects qualified experimental rabbits according to the client's requirements, and undertakes breeding, immunization, blood collection, centrifugation, and even purification work. Finally, the client delivers antibody serum or purified antibodies to reduce the investment of Party A in personnel, facilities, financial resources, and other aspects of the production process.