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Sheep polyclonal antibody immunization service platform

Product Introduction:

1. Standardized Immunization Sheep Farm
2. Standardized Operation SOP
3. Scientific breeding management mode
4. 500 mu reserve breeding base
5. Meet environmental requirements

In order to meet the market demand for sheep polyclonal antibody immunization services, Kangda Aibo Company has established a sheep polyclonal antibody immunization service platform based on the model of the rabbit polyclonal antibody immunization service platform, providing immunization outsourcing services to customers. The platform has a 3000 square meter sheep farm, which can provide antibody immunization services for 5000 sheep per year. The client provides antigens, adjuvants, and immunization plans, and Kangda Biological Company provides immunization services according to the client's requirements, ultimately delivering sheep antiserum to the client.

The establishment of this platform has reduced the investment of the client in animal procurement, facilities, personnel, funds, etc., reduced operational risks, and solved the client's difficulties.